The aim of the event is not only to promote dialogue but to underline the fact that today’s challenges facing the energy sector will require us to better understand the different perspectives that are currently pushing and pulling the energy sector forward in a very disturbing manner. For example, the vast amount of subsidised renewable production in the region have impacted electricity markets everywhere in the region. National governments are virtually helpless in this situation as most decisions in neighbouring countries impact others.





Investments in renewable energy sources have grown rapidly over the recent years globally yet Europe has fallen behind in new investments. What has driven this development and how will renewables industry and policymakers respond to the challenges facing the market? What technologies and solutions are expected rise in significance and how will digitalisation impact the renewables industry?


The energy discourse is far too centred on electricity despite the fact that heating and cooling constitutes a far greater share of our energy use. Moreover, if Europe and the rest of the world are serious in reaching the climate targets agreed in Paris in 2015 much more effort will be required to decarbonize heat – especially in industry. Will we be using synthetic fuels or electricity for heating industrial processes or perhaps some other technologies?


The transport industry is experiencing some tumultuous times as the dominance of oil is being challenged by biofuels, gas and electricity. How will traditional transport fuels cope with the rapid technological development as well as societal demands or are we merely witnessing hype that is fuelling unreasonable expectations? And how will digitalisation and self-driving cars change the picture for transport fuels?

New business opportunities

The energy industry is experiencing a rapid transformation driven by several factors. Digitalisation, climate change, urbanisation and societal demands for environmental responsibility are all pushing the industry to an uncharted territory. What kind of opportunities lay behind the horizon and what sort of challenges should the industries prepare to face? What will be the role of traditional utilities as customers become more active participants in the market?

Full program to be announced soon!