Event partners of Nordic Energy Forum 2017 are truly forerunners in energy. You might want to get to know them better. See the presentations here and come meet partners at the spot.



WE ARE PROUD TO PRESENT OUR GOLD PARTNERS: is a pioneering technology leader in electrification products, robotics and motion, industrial automation and power grids, serving customers in utilities, industry and transport & infrastructure globally. Continuing more than a 125-year history of innovation, ABB today is writing the future of industrial digitalization and driving the Energy and Fourth Industrial Revolutions. ABB is involved in promoting the transformation of the energy system throughout the entire energy chain from energy production to transmission, distribution and energy use with leading digital, automation and control solutions. As a technology leader and global pioneer in digital competence, ABB responds to customers’ needs in the energy revolution on the move towards a smarter, stronger and greener grid of the future.

UPMUPM Energy is the second largest electricity producer in Finland. It generates low-emission electricity in its own and co-owned power plants and in addition, it is also an expert of industrial energy.

UPM Energy provides industrial electricity consumption and flexibility services to industrial consumers and other energy companies. Deep understanding of industrial consumption as well as efficient, low-emission electricity generation, offer the company a unique position in the marketplace.

UPM Energy is a part of the UPM-Kymmene group.

ÅF ConsultAs an engineering and consulting company ÅF connects technologies to create progress for our clients. We have done this successfully for more than one hundred years. Our energy offering encompasses advanced services that extend throughout the entire project period – from pilot studies, engineering services, project management, implementation and commissioning, to ongoing operation and maintenance.

We cover all energy types and have particular in-depth experience and expertise in renewable energy, which means we are equipped to cope with the anticipated trend towards more sustainable solutions.
We strive to improve people’s lives by developing energy-efficient solutions, investments in infrastructure, assignments within various types of energy, projects for industry and much more.


BeckhoffBeckhoff toimittaa avoimia IoT- ja 4.0 -konsepteihin hyvin soveltuvia automaatiojärjestelmiä, jotka pohjautuvat PC-pohjaiseen ohjaustekniikkaan. Tuotevalikoimaan kuuluvat muun muassa kenttäväyläkomponentit, liikkeenohjaustuotteet, teollisuus-PC:t ja ohjauspaneelit sekä automaatiosovelluksien ohjelmistot. Eri ryhmien tuotteita voidaan käyttää erillisinä komponentteina, tai ne voidaan integroida täydellisiksi ohjausjärjestelmiksi. Beckhoffin tuotteita ja järjestelmäratkaisuja käytetään maailmanlaajuisesti monenlaisissa sovelluksissa nopeista työstökeskuksista aina älykkääseen rakennusautomaatioon.

Beckhoff Suomen pääkonttori on Hyvinkäällä Haarakonttorit ovat Tampereella, Seinäjoella, Oulussa ja jatkossa Tallinnassa. Beckhoff Automation Oy:n liikevaihto vuonna 2016 oli 12,5M€.










Siemens OsakeyhtiöEnergy systems are changing – fundamentally and fast. The importance of individual energy sources and options for power generation are changing, as are the ways in which electricity is transmitted and distributed. Power generation is becoming more and more decentralized making grid management increasingly complex. Electrical consumption continues to steadily rise all over the world.

Meeting these challenges requires cutting-edge products and services covering the entire energy value chain. The Siemens portfolio ranges from state-of-the-art compressors, turbines and generators to virtual power plants, intelligent grid management and innovative storage solutions – all backed up by exceptional service offerings and genuine commitment to effectively address our customers’ individual needs.

LiikennevirtaVirta empowers its customers to support electric vehicles and renewable energy. We currently offer four services that work separately or seamlessly together.

Virta Operator lets you connect and control charging infrastructure with ease. Virta Mobility lets you help your customers to find charging stations and charge. Virta Bundle includes cloud connected charging devices with access management and payments. Virta Home is the most advanced home charging service with optimization based on Nord Pool electricity prices and charging point sharing.

As the innovation leader Virta can already utilize EV’s in the energy system as energy storages with bidirectional V2G charging and as frequency containment reserves. In addition, we develop tools to manage stationary energy storages.